Enhanced Biogeography-based Optimization: A New Method for Size and Shape Optimization of Truss Structures with Natural Frequency Constraints


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract The current study presents an enhanced biogeography-based optimization (EBBO) algorithm for size and shape optimization of truss structures with natural frequency constraints. The BBO algorithm is one of the recently developed meta-heuristic algorithms inspired by the mathematical models in biogeography science and is based on the migration behavior of species among the habitats in the nature. In this study, the overall performance of the standard BBO algorithm is enhanced by new migration and mutation operators. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by utilizing four benchmark truss design examples with frequency constraints. Numerical results show that the proposed EBBO algorithm not only significantly improves the performance of the standard BBO algorithm, but also finds competitive results compared with recently developed optimization methods.

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