Empresas transnacionais: a regulação do lobby no país receptor de investimentos e a promoção do desenvolvimento econômico




This study analyses the situation of TNCs and States when they are negotiating the entrance of a FDI. These negotiations are relevant because usually domestic policies connected to the FDI are discussed and TNCs often interfere in the way these policies are going to be developed, through lobbying. This study suggests the creation of a law regulating how TNCs should practice lobbying in host countries domestic affairs. The final purpose of such regulation is to promote economic development and prevent corruption through a supervised lobbying of TNCs. During this study it is analysed the context in which TNCs are actually presented: its form of control and legal structure; its origin and how developing countries are originating new TNCs. Further, this is study seeks to explain how TNCs negotiate with developing countries and how TNCs originated from developing countries try to reach a significant position in international trade. In addition, it is analysed the justification for the occurrence of lobbying by TNCs in host countries domestic affairs, the connection between a regulation of such practice and the prevention of corrupt practices and the necessity in promoting economic development through the entrance of new FDI. Finally, it is presented the US lobbying regulation as a model and the Brazilian situation in relation to FDI and to the lobbying practices. The ultimate point is to bring incentive for Brazil to develop a legal framework regulating lobbying practices of TNCs in Brazils domestic affairs and, as a consequence, regulate the liability of TNCs for corrupt lobbying or interference without promotion of economic development. A law controlling the lobbying practices of TNCs in Brazils domestic affairs is considered a way to balance the position of the country in relation to TNCs when negotiating a new FDI


empresas multinacionais foreign investment lobby law transnational corporation lobby direito grupos de pressao direito relacoes economicas internacionais desenvolvimento empresa transnacional investimento estrangeiro investimentos estrangeiros development

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