Empreendedorismo e inovação: uma análise teórico-empírica sobre a percepção dos alunos da EAUFBA.




This research aimed to find out the perception of the students of the last year of EAUFBA about questions related to innovation and entrepreneurship. More specifically, using cognitive maps and quantitative questions, this research aimed to measure the degree of integration between the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, the perception about the challenges involved in stimulate the growth of entrepreneurship activities within EAUFBA, and also about the challenges to integrate the institution and the SNI. Additionally, the degree of participation in entrepreneurship activities was investigated. The results pointed to a lack of perception about the symbiosis between the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, a weak degree of participation in entrepreneurship activities, and that faculty has great importance in stimulate the interest in this field. The results also outlined the urgency into promote a deeply discussion about this subject inside the institution, aiming to establish a new educational strategic approach.


national innovation systems sistema nacional de inovação administracao entrepreneurship empreendedorismo escolas de administração innovation business schools inovação

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