Elementos básicos para a construção de modelo de gestão da informação para engenharia de software : estudo de caso para atividade de requisitos no SERPRO




The interdisciplinary characteristics of information science have expanded its influence on other disciplines. One of the main correlated disciplines is computer science, specially with the association of information management models and software engineering. Information systems development has become a critical activity in most organizations, due to its reliance on systems for their operational activities and management. The difficulty of software development companies to deliver systems that meet user requirements led to adoption of maturity models and engineering techniques, with the aim of making the activity more predictable in terms of quality and delivery times. However, technical solutions alone were not able to met customers expectations, and one of the alternatives evaluated was the association between software engineering and concepts of knowledge and information management. This research evaluated management information models used in software development processes, and identified key elements to build a model of information management to be integrated into PSDS (Serpro process of software development). The goal is that future use of these elements allow the integration of PSDS and a model of information management, and lead to improve information reuse in systems development and implementation, and allows a reduction of development time, and a quality improvement of information systems developed by Serpro.


information science models software engineering modelos serpro information management ciencia da informacao systems development gestão da informação ciência da informação engenharia de software desenvolvimento de sistemas serpro

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