El movimiento feminista y la salud de las mujeres: la experiencia de los Centros de Planificación Familiar (CPF) en Catalunya (1976-1982)


Revista Estudos Feministas




This study seeks to remember the fights of the feminist movement of Spain (Catalunya) for the women's right to health care, through the analysis of the strategies that made possible a better gender equity in the Centers of Family Planning (CPF), popularly known as planning or planins. The basic information to reconstruct the history of the centers was picked up by semi-structured interview carried out with women, chosen by their performance in the feminist movement, and health professionals who participated in the mentioned centers in the municipalities of Cerdanyola of the Vallès, Barcelona and Santa Coloma of Gramenet. The creation and maintenance of the planning was an important collective victory since it united many women closely and it produced significant social transformations.

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