El lugar del sujeto en el campo de la salud: enseñanzas de la investigación cualitativa


Ciênc. saúde coletiva




This article addresses some questions regarding the exclusion of the subjectivity derived from the ideals of objectivity and neutrality that characterize the modern scientific parade gm. Several consequences of this exclusion with respect to health care and illness are considered. Five problem areas are discussed, emphasizing the contributions of qualitative inquiry for the recovery of the importance of the individual. These include health and disease as subjective experiences, the gap between the experts' perspective and that of the layman, as well as disagreements among health professionals and common people, both in the preventive and in the curative fields. They also include the omission of the patients' voice when dealing with their illness and the sterilization of subjective creativity to establish new avenues to health care. The paper concludes by pointing out that, despite the challenges involved, certain currents of qualitative research whose foundations are located in the most advanced area of current epistemological, ethical and aesthetic reflection, can help to open new routes towards richer alternatives for health care and illness in Latin American societies.

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