El cuerpo y la policía: una mirada de la incorporación y de la subjetivación en la educación a través de la película "Tropa de Élite"


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This article is about the film "Tropa de Elite" (2007) -"Golden Bear" ("Goldener Bär") at the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) -, working mainly the concepts "body" and "police", and secondarily "education", "politics" and "political". The main idea is to think the police in a double sense: colloquial and academic. Through the characters of Nascimento and André Matias, this paper shows the lives of two police officers with different life-stories. This allows us to think critically, thanks to the theory of "political subjectivity", and to analyze the disciplination of the bodies, embodied and reproduced through education. This movie makes an explicit reference to "Discipline and Punish" by Michel Foucault, worked in André's college classes. This book synthesized in many of its paragraphs the discussion presented here.

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