Eficiência energética em ambientes prediais utilizando rede sem fio Zigbee e Controle Fuzzy




This objective of this work is the wireless intelligent building automation focusing on the rational use of energy without prejudice to the thermal comfort. The wireless approach, in this work, could better target retro-fitting of buildings, a great HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) market share in Brazil. We used split air conditioners, power meters and temperature sensors, forming a ZigBee wireless network of sensors and actuators. A supervisory computer integrates all measurements and command signals. The thermal regulation of a laboratory environment was implemented using MeshBean modules composed by a ZigBit that contains a ATmega128 microcontroller and RF AT86RF230 transceiver. We compared classical on-off and fuzzy control strategies. The fuzzy system, an expert rule based inference machine, could better take care of the different contexts in the building automation. We verified that both controllers were able to maintain the thermal comfort; however, the fuzzy controller attained it with lower energy consumption.


conforto térmico racionalização de energia controle fuzzy rede wireless engenharia eletrica automação predial

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