Eficácia de ações educativas na melhoria do processo de fritura por imersão. / Effectiveness of educative actions in the improving of the process of the by frying immersion.




The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of educative actions in the improvement of the process of deep-fat frying in bars, snack bars and restaurants of the city of Salvador. Its an intervention study, randomized, double-blind, during the period of December of 2006 the July of 2007. Employees and/or owners of the establishments had been developed educative action with duration of three hours and distribution of educative material. To evaluate the intervention, facts had been analyzed given proceeding from three instruments of inquiry: 1. Pre and after-test on the qualification of employees and/or proprietors; 2. Using the questionnaire application to evaluation of the frying techniques and infrastructure; 3. The analysis of total polar compounds (%), free fatty acid (%), peroxide index (meq/kg) and refractive index (40 C) to determined quality of the oil. The results of the group intervention were better comparing to the control group. An important result of the study is to demonstrate that a simple intervention can increase the level of knowledge of the employees and owners of commercial establishments, however, the same one can have its reach limited when investments in the work conditions are not accomplished.


nutricao alimentação óleos e gorduras healthful feeding training nutrição avaliação saúde educação deep fat frying fritura

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