Efficiency of Matricaria chamomilla CH12 and number of dose of rabies vaccine in the humoral immune response in cattle. / Efeito da Matricaria chamomilla CH12 na concentração sérica de cortisol e na resposta imune humoral de bovinos vacinados com uma ou duas doses de vacina anti-rábica




The effect of Matricaria chamomilla CH12 (Fator Estresse) and number of doses of rabies vaccines on the humoral immune response in cattle were evaluated through rabies neutralizing antibody titers. Sixty cattle were randomly divided into four groups: animals from FEV1 and FEV2 received Matricaria chamomilla CH12 (Fator Estresse) mixed with mineral salt, and animals from groups V1 and V2 received only mineral salt. Cattle from group FEV2 and V2 were immunized with two rabies vaccine doses on days 0 and 30, respectively; cattle from groups FEV1 and V1 were vaccinated only once on day 0. The results obtained show that no significant difference was found among neutralizing-antibody titers between groups treated and not treated with Matricaria chamomilla CH12; antibody titers were significantly higher in cattle immunized with two rabies vaccine doses; 93.3% of the animals vaccinated only once had antibody titers <0.5 UI/mL sixty days after commencing vaccination. In conclusion, the use of Matricaria chamomilla CH12 added to mineral salt does not change humoral immune response in cattle, and two vaccine doses are suggested forachieving antibody titers in protective level (≥ 0.5UI/mL).


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