Effect of Solid Solution + Double Ageing on Microstructure and Properties in the Layer by Layer of the Z-Y Interface of Inconel 718 alloys Fabricated by SLM


Mat. Res.




The microstructure in the Z-Y surface of Inconel 718 alloys fabricated by selective laser melting (SLM) shows the relatively homogeneous and irregular fine grain structure after the heat treatment process of 1050ºC solid solution + double ageing. A large number of bulk precipitates were observed on the grain boundary, and the typical dendritic crystallization and Laves phases disappeared. It is possible that a large number of δ phases (NbNi3) were precipitated on the grain boundary since the enrichment effect of element Nb. The hardness in the Z-Y surface increased from 350HV to 500HV, and the residual stress was transformed from the tensile stress to compressive stress.

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