Effect of growth regulators application on the quality maintenance of 'Brookfield' apples






AbstractThe main goal of the present study was to elucidate the effect of growth regulators at harvest and postharvest quality of 'Brookfield' apples stored under controlled atmosphere through a multivariate approach. Thus, an experiment with two steps (field and storage) was carried out. The treatments in field were applied with an output of 1,000 L ha–1 of water. The following treatments were tested: Control: only water application; AVG (aminoethoxyvinylglycine): 0.83 kg ha–1 of Retain® applied 30 days before harvest (BH); NAA (naphthalene acetic acid): 40g ha–1of naphthalene acetic acid applied 7 days BH; Ethephon: 2.0 L ha–1 of Ethrel® applied 10 days BH; 1-MCP: 0.625µL L–1 of 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene): applied during postharvest (storage); LE (low ethylene): with the allocation of potassium permanganate sachets during postharvest. Fruits treated with AVG in the field showed an opposite response to the fruits with NAA. AVG application followed by another growth regulator (AVG + Ethephon and AVG + NAA) showed an advance in maturation, nearing these fruits to the control treatment, this effect is likely related to the higher ethylene production by these fruits compared to fruits with AVG alone. AVG, 1-MCP and LE kept a similar response on quality maintenance. Ethephon application prevented the negative effect of NAA at harvest, but after storage, the combined NAA + ethephon application increased the physiological disorders, reducing internal quality.

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