Effect of Experimental Parameters on Wear Response of Thermally Sprayed Carbide Based Coatings


Mat. Res.




Friction and abrasive wear response of WC-12 Co and Cr3C2-25 NiCr coatings was studied. Abrasive wear experiments were conducted with SiC abrasive particles with varying load and sliding speeds. The results were analyzed using SEM, XRD and XPS observations of worn surfaces, wear debris and worn out abrasive paper. Friction coefficient diminished with rise in sliding speed and increased for increase in load while wear rates decreased for increasing sliding speed for both coatings. WC-12 Co coating had better wear resistance than Cr3C2-25 NiCr coating while Cr3C2-25 NiCr coating displayed lower friction coefficient. The variation in wear rate and friction response of coatings was due to combined effects of adhesion, abrasion and tribo oxidation effects. The composition of tribo films was strongly influenced by load and sliding velocity and altered friction and wear response of the coatings.

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