Effect of CFRP and TRM Strengthening of RC Slabs on Punching Shear Strength


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract The paper presents experiments involving punching of RC slabs strengthened using externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheet and textile reinforced mortar (TRM). Twelve RC slab specimens of two concrete grades (39.9 and 63.2 MPa) and employing two strengthening schemes (CFRP and TRM) were tested. Specimens were supported on two opposite edges. Experimental load-displacement variations show two peak loads in strengthened slabs and one peak followed by a plateau in control. Second peak or the plateau corresponds to the combined action of aggregate interlock and the dowel action of back face rebars and strengthening layers. The dowel action of back face rebars and strengthening layers had no role in ultimate punching load (i.e. first peak). Strengthened slabs showed 9-18% increase in ultimate punching load (i.e. first peak) whereas there was significant increase in the second peak load (190-276% for CFRP; 55-136% for TRM) and energy absorption (~66% for CFRP and 22-56% for TRM). An analytical model was also developed for predicting the punching shear strength (first and second peaks) of strengthened slabs showing good comparison with experiments.

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