Efeitos da sensibilidade ao preço sobre o valor de marca e na intenção de compra do consumidor




This research investigated the moderator effect of sensitivity to the price in the relation between brand equity and potential consumers purchase intention (n=311) for different categories of products. Searches have indicated that brand equity has influence on the consumers purchase intention of different products. Price sensitivity is associated with low brand equity in some products. There isnt evidence that brand may influence involvement and price sensitivity variables, and if can influence its purchase intention the products surveyed. Statistical analyses with multivariate techniques had been made (Multiple Regression and MANOVA) to quantify interviewed brand equity and price sensitivity and to discover the most important influences in the purchase intention. The results of the research had indicated that the brand equity had a positive and significant effect on the purchase intention. The relations between price sensitivity and brand equity and between price sensitivity, the moderated variables (involvement and risk) and brand equity hasnt supported of statistical significant form in all the dependent variable. The purchase intention didnt present significant correlation with the interaction between price sensitivity with the brands. In the results, brand equity is considered important for a strategy of keeping customers, since the strongest brands have greater value and offered more able to compete with prices above those charged by the market. The fact of sensitivity to the price not be influencing the choice of brands signals to strategists for viewing the changes in consumer behavior


administracao sensibilidade ao preço valor de marca consumidor percepção de risco

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