Efeitos da psicoterapia e da ioga nos indicadores de depressÃo e ansiedade em mulheres idosas




The aim of this study was to verify the effect of yoga and psychotherapy on depression and anxiety levels in elderly women. The sample was consisted of 32 women with mean age of 65, subdivided into three different groups â group I (GI Yoga, n = 15), group II ( GII Psychotherapy, n= 14), group III (GIII â Psychotherapy and Yoga, n= 13). They practiced yoga three times a week and had psychotherapy sessions once a week for 24 weeks. The depression indicators were assessed using the Beck Depression 52 Inventory â BDI, and the anxiety indicators were assessed using the Anxiety Trace State (IDATE) before and after treatment (Yoga and Psychotherapy). The changes were checked 24 weeks later. There was a decrease in both anxiety and depression indicators in GIII (Yoga and Psychotherapy). The results of this study suggest that the practice of Yoga combined with Psychotherapy may alter anxiety levels as well as depression levels in elderly women.


anxiety psychotherapy depression psicoterapia yoga ansiedade ioga depressÃo educacao fisica

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