Efeito de peptidoglucanas extraidas do cogumelo Agaricus blazei sobre a atividade candidacida de macrofagos peritoneais murinos




Immunomodulatory activity of medicinal mushrooms is attributed to glucans. In the present study we avaluated the eifect of peptidoglycans of Agaricus blazei (ATF) on the candidacidal activity, the expression of mannose receptors (MR), production of H2O2 and NO by murine peritoneal macrophages. Normal BALB/c mice were i.p. treated with 3 inoculations of ATF (ATF group) or salt solution (control group) and after 48hr peritoneal macrophages were assayed against Candida albicans yest forms. Our results indicated that the treatment enhanced the candidacidal activity of peritoneal macrophages and increased the H2O2 production and MR expression. However ATF was not able to increase the spontaneous production of NO. The results suggest that ATF can enhance the host resistence against infectious agents due to the stimulation of the microbicidal activity of macrophages


mushrooms cogumelos macrofagos macrophages candida albicans candida albicans

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