Efeito da suplementação oral do ácido linoléico conjugado (CLA) na composição corporal em ratos wistar submetido ao exercício físico




The nature and causes of obesity are subjects of ongoing and extensive studies. The epidemic of obesity that plague the majority of developed countries strove to public health low fat diets. In recent years various studies have emerged on the supplementation of conjugated linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acids. This study was motivated in order to use the CLA, which gained popularity with promises to produce effects in the reduction of lean body mass. Used in this study were 24 healthy male rats, Wistar strain of the rats were randomly divided into 3 groups (experimental and placebo) and supplemented by 62 days. The groups supplemented (CLA and CLAEX) received conjugated linoleic acid in concentrations of 1% on the daily consumption of diet, as the rats in the placebo group (PLA) received corn oil 1% of the daily diet, both introduced in a pellets the diet. Food and water were provided ad libitum, the daily ration offered was heavy and left the next day again quantified, analyzed so food consumption. Animals CLAEX the group performed a physical training program, which consisted of 30 minutes of swimming at a fre quency of 3 times per week. After a period of 62 days, the rat were sacrificed and was withdrawing the liver, spleen and kidney, to analyze the amount of fat tissue. The rest of the carcass was homogenized mouse to perform the analysis of the percentage of fat in rats. Based on the profile of body composition observed in the sample studied, it was possible to identify that the rats supplemented with conjugated linoleic acid had a significant reduction in percentage of fat when compared to the PLA group (51,52 0,03). When with the CLA (42,26 0,007) correlate the percentage of fat in the group CLAEX (34,14 0,01), it was noted a further decrease in the percentage of fat group in rats, demonstrating that the exercise involved supplementation led to greater reduction of body fat than supplementation alone. Additionally, it was found that supplementation was beneficial in regard to the reduction of visceral fat, as supplemented groups had reduced the amount of fat in liver and spleen.


cla exercício físico exercise suplementação nutrição suplementation nutrition ciências da saúde cla

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