Ee’iranajawaa: elementos transdisciplinares y postura contrahegemónica como potencia transformadora


Fractal, Rev. Psicol.




Abstract With the intention of contributing to transdisciplinary studies, this article aims to analyze the construction of transdisciplinary research related to against hegemonic thinking, highlighting the analysis of the processes in the area of mental health and social coexistence. The methodology used was the analysis of theoretical-methodological and experiential sources, proposing four praxis concepts: transit, transfer, transgression and renunciation, to rethink possible ways to investigate together with the knowledge of several indigenous knowlegers and Masters. It is not intended to represent the voice of any community, what is sought is to enter into a dialogue with the daily social life of communities that are part of the living history of Latin Americans. We recognize the diversity of epistemic and methodological options offered by transdisciplinarity to understand the complexity of social phenomena, and in turn, we critically highlight the potential that have to talk with knowledge and disciplinary practices, art, spirituality, personal experiences (among others), to establish a dialogue with the knowledge of traditional communities.

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