Educação matematica : matematica &educação para o consumo




This research was motivated not only by a careful analysis of the purposes behind transversal themes proposed by Brazilian government national standards in education, but also by the usage of alternative teaching resources, so that some interference in the dynamic of the teaching-learning process could be achieved. Within this perspective, it proposed a way of interfering in the professional formation of two mathematics teachers, based on Consumer Education and the possibility of using video programs in mathematics classes. It is a qualitative, analytic-descriptive and interventive research, in which the teachers got involved by means of theoretical reflection, elaboration of activities and evaluation on how to adopt them in classroom. Along the process, interviews with the teachers were recorded, registering their expectations, attitudes and reactions about such process. The reflections produced from the analysis of the interviews tried to discuss the effectiveness of the achieved interventions and the value of producing similar proposals, specially as far as consumer education is concerned within the context of continued formation of teachers.


educação matematica videos educação consumo professores solução de problemas

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