Educação a distancia: um olhar sobre a profissionalidade docente na educação online / Online Education: A glance at the online educational professional.




The current proposals to the online education points out the need of different work environments where teachers are included. Based on this observation, this dissertation analyzed the proposed online educational professional. Linked to the Teaching Practices and its relations with the Teacher Training Research", this paperwork had as its specific goals: 1. To investigate the online educational training processes; 2. to describe and interpret how the teachers work in online education, their vision for this job and their interrelationships; 3. to investigate evidences of external control and its influence on the teachers job. This was a qualitative, descriptive and explanatory research that focused on the undergraduate students from private educational institutions online teachers. In the survey seven teachers and two coordinators were interviewed. A semi-structured interview and questionnaires were held. The data were organized and analyzed in three areas: training on online education, working conditions and environment in the forms of control and the teachers autonomy. The results showed that the online education system adopted by the institutions maintains the integrity of the investigation to teaching despite the outside interference and control over the online classroom. Teachers confirm the existence of continuing educational training that is configured as a space of exchange between teachers and moments of reflection on the practice in the classroom, although there are suggestions that these courses are more effective because help teachers in their specific needs. Teachers have a positive view about the working environment at the institution studied; there are some ideological and political aspects that should be discussed, as well as, practical aspects such as the relationship between the number of students and salary. Finally, this research understood that the method adopted in a course (either presence or online) is just one of the aspect in a range of relations established, capable of influencing on the school profit, loss, or a free education for students and teachers empowerment.


educacao educação a distância trabalho docente. educação online online professional education professores formação;ensino a distância; tecnologia educacional profissionalidade docente online education teaching.

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