EducaÃÃo MatemÃtica e valores: das concepÃÃes dos professores à construÃÃo da autonomia




This study is inserted in the quarrels proposals by the Critical Mathematical Education, one of the trends of the Mathematical Education that, in search of the improvement of the process of teach-learning of the Mathematics, emphasizes the questions politics and the democratic formation and citizen. The problematic which motivated me for the accomplishment of this study left of the fact that Mathematics Education in the school has been lead with a predominant approach in its cognitive dimension, in detriment of the social, cultural dimensions, formative-axiologics and politics, which took me to suspect concerning the existence of implications with relation to the process of critical formation of the pupils. Ahead of this, considering the relevance of the interactions established between the diverse subjects and the importance of Mathematics in the school resume, referring to its universality, intensity and influence in the construction of the conceptions of world of the pupils, and taking as principle the importance of the value of the autonomy for the critical formation of the students, I search the understanding of the relations that the practical underlying conceptions pedagogical of the professors of Mathematics and the process of construction and/or reinforcement of the value of the autonomy of the pupils can be established between. Of this search the interest for the identification of the conceptions of the professors concerning the Mathematics and its education elapses and the evaluation of the influences of the practical conceptions and the pedagogical ones of the professors of Mathematics, in what it refers to the construction and/or reinforcement of the related value. Starting of the philosophical, epistemologics and pedagogical which base the mathematical knowledge and taking as reference the concepts of pedagogical practical conceptions and of Mathematics professors, I adopt as categories of analysis the objetivist conceptions, centered in the subject and centered in the social construction of the knowledge, to base this research. Referring to the axiologic dimension of the research, I take as theoretical beddings the principles of the education as construction of the moral personality, as it presents in the ideas of Josep Maria Puig, with particular approach in the autonomyâs value. About the metodologic point of view, I adopt a qualitative boarding of research, using the participant comment and the half-structuralized interview as techniques of dataâs collection. As found results, I evidence that the searched professors present objetivists conceptions concerning the Mathematics and its education, conceptions these that, interpreted to the light of the principles of the education as a construction of the independent moral personality, do not contribute for the construction and/or reinforcement of the autonomy of the pupils, possibility this that is signaled by the conceptions centered in the social construction of the knowledge.


educaÃÃo-matemÃtica matemÃtica-valores ensino-aprendizagem educaÃÃo

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