Ecodinâmica coastal dunes of Sergipe / Ecodinâmica das dunas costeiras de Sergipe




The ecodynamics analysis of coastal dunes of Sergipe determined the role and the interactive effect of the anthropic action and of the natural dynamics in the occured fast ambient changes in two sample units of the Northern and Southern Coastline from Sergipe. The present research searched the detailing of the existing ambient dynamics in the fields of the dunes of Pirambu (Northern portion) and Estância (Southern portion) by means of the structural and functional aspects with prominence to the conditioning expressive of dunar vulnerability. The knowledge of the conditions of balance of the systems of the dunes based on the Tricarts Ecodynamics principle demanded the deepening of the relations between geomorphological, fitogeographics, climatological and anthropical the components of the systems of dunes. The use of this integrator perspective found for the Northern Coastline (Biolological Reserve of Santa Isabel) a scenery with dune stability predominance explained by the low threat of system degradation, lack of obstacles to the transgression of the frontal dunes and low human interference. However, the current situation of stable environment may suffer anthropogenic derivations generating a growing tendency to ecodynamical intergrade, covering a longer cycle of environmental changes in levels of vulnerability assessed. The dunes of the Southern Coast include such features with predominance of the morphogenesis upon the pedogenesis. In terms of its ecodynamical assessment, they appear as unstable environments and environments intergrade, but with tendency to a progressive instability. Such dune situation in degradation is explained by the increasing process of disordered occupation, for the expansion of the land divisions and touristic enterprises, beyond the nonexistent of measures of protection that glimpse the containment of processes as illegally carried through dune dismountings.


análise ecodinâmica ddunas costeira ecodynamics analysis geografia vulnerabilidade biofísica biophysical vulnerability coastal dunes

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