Dynamics of the absorption, retention and excretion of zinc in the organic and inorganic forms in cats / DinÃmica da absorÃÃo, retenÃÃo e excreÃÃo de zinco nas formas orgÃnica e inorgÃnica em gatos




With the objective of elucidating the model more cash of suplementation of the mineral zinc (Zn) for cats when organic and inorganic sources are used, the work developed in the Department of Zootecnia of the Federal University of Lavras- UFLA evaluated the absorption, the retention and excretion of the element using five adult cats housed in metabolic cages consuming a pattern ration contends 328 mg/kg of Zn. The animals were distributed in Latin Square experimental design with 5 treatments (T1 - ration pattern without suplementation of zinc, T2 - ration pattern + 5,0 mg of Zn of sulfate of zinc, T3 - ration pattern + 5,0 mg of Zn quelated, T4 - ration pattern + 12,5 mg of Zn sulfate of zinc, T5 - ration pattern + 12,5 mg Zn quelated), 5 periods and 5 repetitions. The cats received the sources of zinc linked to 10,0 mL of milk, orally, in only dose, daily. The adaptation period to the treatments was immediately of five days previous crop of feces and it urinates, that was accomplished during the four final days of each period. The samples of blood for obtaining of the plasmatic curve of zinc were obtained in the last day of each experimental phase, 30 minutes before the supply of the diet pattern and 1; 2,5; 4; 5,5; 7; 8,5 and 10 hours after. The zinc was determined by spectrophotometry of atomic absorption, in the plasm, it urinates, feces, ration pattern, milk and water. It happened a larger absorption of the coming zinc of the inorganic source (T4- 12,5 mg of Zn sulfato of zinc) and a larger retention of the coming zinc of the organic source (T3- + 5,0 mg of Zn quelated and T5- 12,5 mg Zn quelated ). The schedule of appearing of the pick plasmatic of zinc was between 5,0 and 7,0 hours after the feeding in all the tested diets and the largest absorption pick was found in the cats receiving the treatment 4 (12,5 mg of Zn sulfato of zinc). Differences in the metabolism powder-absortive they were shown as being the metabolic deferential among organic and inorganic minerals.


nutriÃÃo animal mineral metabolism zootecnia gato cats animal nutrition zinc zinco metabolismo mineral

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