Drying kinetics of fresh and osmotically pre-treated papaya (Carica papaya L.).


Journal of Food Engineering




The aim of this work was to study and to model the drying kinetics of fresh osmotically pre-treated papaya cubes \(Carica papaya L.) using the diffusional model (Fick's seccond law) adapted to a cubic geometry, and an empirical two parameters model. The osmotic pre-treatment was carried out in an incubator at constant tenperature and agitation. The drying process was carried out in a fixed bed dryert two different temperatures and air velocities. At the beginning of the drying process of fresh papaya, drying rate was influenced by both air velocity and air temperature. But lose to the equilibrium condition, the drying rate was affected a only by the air temperature. The physico-chemical changes in the papaya cubes during osmotic pre-tratment caused differences in the drying rate in the subsequent air drying prcess when compared to fresh papaya cubes. The effective diffusivities of water, calculated by diffusional model, were of the order of 10-9 m2/s.


mamão desidratação osmótica secagem carica papaya

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