Domestic violence against woman: perceptions about violence in battered women. / Violência doméstica contra a mulher: percepções sobre violência em mulheres agredidas




The domestic violence against woman is a world phenomenon that doesnt limit race, economical class, age or religion. The aggressions are divided in varied types as: psychological, physics and sexual, however, in the abusive relationship, they happen in a concomitant way. This research aimed to study the violence perceptions in women battered by your partners. How women justify the suffered violence and which are the effects in their lives. Their perceptions about the relationship, about themselves, about their partner and how it contributes to many of women stay in those abusive relationships. The research was accomplished at the Police Station of Woman´s Defense at Ribeirão Preto, with seven women, that denounced their aggressors and, that were taken to a social attendance of a Group of Studies and Attention to Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse - GEAVIDAS, accomplished by psychologists and social workers, in the own Police Station. The investigation was guided by the qualitative approach. There were accomplished participant observations that resulted in a field diary and semi-structured interviews, applied individually, with permission recording and transcribing them in complete. The themes investigated in the interviews were about their origin´s family and current family (partner and children), the episodes of aggressions, their expectations to the Bulletin of Occurrence and the Police Station of Woman´s Defense, and their future plans. The results showed us that the women notice your partners as ingrate and individualistic, that they dont know how to be a partner, they dont provide the house and they are not "care-takers" of the family as we noticed that would be expected of a man for them. That affects their self-esteem and their self-confidence, they feel depressed and abandoned. They believe they had done their dedicated woman´s role, disposed to any sacrifice for their partners and that they deserve a larger consideration of their part, what doesnt happen. However, there is a strong women´s idealization for their partners that make them wait for some change, besides they are emotionally dependent to them and, some of women are dependent economically also. We ended that the fights against the domestic violence and for the womens liberation they should be accompanied by other fight: the mens liberation, because both suffer pressures to play stereotyped roles at society, as in the mans case that he should be the powerful one and in the womans case, that she should be the fragile and submissive. With that, both are mutilated in their individuality to be what they really want to be. Being like this, it is necessary that the human being learns how to be solidary, to respect the differences of others and how to love, therefore we will only know how to live together with reciprocity.


gender mulher violência doméstica woman gênero domestic violence

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