Dispositivos de microondas utilizando linhas de laminas




In this work a theoretical-experimental analysis of unilateral fin lines is presented. The guided wavelength is obtained from adequate measurements in the laboratory. The characteristics impedances and the effective dielectric constants are determined using a method developed based on the theory of ridged waveguides and on the measured guided wavelengths. The obtained results are compared with those calculated from the equivalent transmission line in the spectral domain of the Fourier transform theory. The differences observed in this comparison are attributed to the approximation of the theoretical analysis that not only assumes metal fin s with negligible thicknesses but also neglects that there is a finite region for fixing the printed circuit in the metal waveguide. In addition, the design and construction of two parallel type attenuators using pin diodes is also discussed. The measured values are in agreement with those predicted from theory. Some suggestions for the continuation of work in this area are presented.


aparelhos e materiais eletronicos dispositivos de microondas

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