Direito à alimentação : políticas públicas de segurança alimentar sob uma perspectiva democrática e constitucional




The goal of this study is to investigate what is a public policy for food and nutrition security coupled with the democratic and constitutional principles, in other words, what is a public policy that promotes the right to adequate food. In the first chapter, it is confirmed that the right to adequate food is a fundamental principle of Brazilian society; it is indispensable for the equal treatment to what every citizen has right. The social movements have been essential in fighting to regard food security as a fundamental right it is an important sign proving that public demonstrations are important to create the debate about freedom and equality. In the second chapter, it is argued that the democratic principle is fundamental to corroborate a public policy for food security and the interpretation of what food security is. Democracy is participation, it permits social demand influence both the public field and the State. Public policies should be democratic and promote rights. This chapter investigates four democratic fields to reflect about the right to adequate food: National Report for the Right to Adequate Food (Relator Nacional para o Direito à alimentação); Citizen Education Net (Rede Nacional de Educação Cidadã); Food and Nutritional Security Counsel (Conselho Nacional de Segurança Alimentar); and the Food and Nutritional Security Conference (Conferência Nacional de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional). All of them are examples of indispensable fields which respect democracy in public policies. In the last chapter, the study investigates the Family Stipend (PBF) as this is the greatest public policy for food and nutrition security in Brazil. The main questions in this chapter are: Does the Family Stipend promote the right to adequate food? Is it a democratic program? Is it coupled with the principles of the State of Law?


bolsa família right to adequate food food and nutritional security state of law políticas públicas public policy direito à alimentação food and nutritional security counsel estado democrático de direito family stipend segurança alimentar e nutricional conselho nacional de segurança alimentar direito

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