Diplomática contemporânea como fundamento metodológico da identificação de tipologia documental em arquivos / Contemporary diplomatics as methodological fundament for the identification of documentary typology in archives




This study presents the archival identification processes, especially about the identification of documents developed by documental typology parameters. The identification is a search procedure on the archival document and its producer entity that uses intelligence to search and records data with adequate instruments. This technique is developed in the beginning of the documental treatment to fundament the analysis related to the production, appraisal, classification and description of the document. The historical evolution of this term and the identification concept in archival science are presented in this study. It approaches the use of the diplomatic in the identification of documents, one of the stages of identification archival, discussing the relationship between the diplomatic and archival science and origin of the formulation of the method of analysis proposed by the typology documentary, field of study of archival science. It describes case studies of the application of this method and archival traditions in ibero-american countries as well as procedure models and instruments published in Spain and Brazil. As a result, presents a proposal for systematization of procedures for identifying typology of documentary, developed from experience in teaching and research in archival science


tipologia documental archival science diplomática contemporânea archival methodology metodologia arquivística typology documentary archival identification identificação arquivística diplomatic contemporary

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