Dinâmicas econômicas e seus impactos na reprodução social das famílias rurais: Um estudo comparativo entre os municípios de Araponga e Muriaé - MG / Economic dynamics and their impacts on social reproduction of rural households: A comparative study between the municipalities Araponga and Muriaé - MG




The family production features a contemporary complexity and diversity whose perception is crucial to understand the multiplicity and nature of their interests and needs. In this scenario, this study focuses on socioprodutivas settings in agricultural units located in the municipality of Araponga and Muriaé, both located around the State Park of the Sierra Brigadier (PESB), in the Zona da Mata Mineira. The importance of our study lies in describing and comparing two economic realities, more precisely in a region that houses a park of environmental conservation, which because of its length, covering municipalities with a basic rural economy, such as Araponga, and municipalities with a more economical basis based on the provision of services and also in industrial activities, such as Muriaé. Based on information and data resulting from questionnaires among the rural households and key informants, it was possible to understand the peculiarities of the activities in the Zona da Mata pluriactivity Mining. In general terms, which differs mainly pluriactivity activities between the municipalities of Araponga and Muriaé, and explains the results, is the economic and social dynamics of the counties studied. Therefore, the pluriactivity in Araponga is very low, the exchange of work between the families is traditional, which has just minimizing the market for rural jobs. That, combined with scarce economic dynamics of the rural municipality of Araponga, just limiting the spread of activities pluriactivity. Moreover, the overall picture of the city of Muriaé differs from Araponga found in the municipality. The dynamic economic sectors of the municipality covers services, mainly in commercial and industrial textiles. The council is considered a center of fashion, which also brings opportunities for jobs for rural families, especially for women. But not only offers opportunities for non-agricultural jobs, the agricultural activities also point with emphasis.


pluriactivity zona da mata mineira non-agricultural activities zona da mata mineira pluriatividade atividades não-agrícolas extensao rural agricultura familiar family agriculture

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