Dimensionamento de usinas hidroeletricas considerando objetivos multiplos na utilização da agua




In addi tion to the effort already gone into this subject a new methodology for evaluation of multipurpose hydroelectric plants is presented in this work. This methodology has been developed to deal with the subject of determination of such project-related energetic parameters. Simultaneously, a proposal for efficient reservoir operation is obtened wi th basis on the formulation and resolution of a thorough mul ticriteria problem which within the horizon stipulated is successively solved by the c-constraint method. The study of a hypothetycal case whose data input were based on the Formoso hydroelectric scheme accounts the proportion of installed capacity in the pertaining power station for some multipurpose water-related configurations considered. In each one the corresponding electrical power losses have been determined by a deterministic analisys based on the incremental cost/benefit. Futhermore, the methodology of the project avaliation presented permi ts the application of the probabilistic approach too


usinas hidroeletricas

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