Digital technologies in art education: educational perspectives in the era of digital conversion / Tecnologias digitais no ensino de arte: perspectivas educacionais na era da conversÃo digital


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The present research aims to reflect upon digital technologies, especially the computer and the Internet, in what concerns the teaching of arts. Initially, the specificities of digital technologies will be presented, their implications as to culture and the arts, as well as their relationship with the theory of complexity. Later, the digital technologies will be approached as language (the exclusive digital technologies of the artistic manifestations), as research (the Internet as a theoretical visual databank) and as tools (creation technologies and image productions, social networks and blogs). Through such a framework, perspectives and possible approaches in the teaching of art in formal education are presented, which evidence and propose interactions among art, teaching and technology


arte estudo e ensino computador e internet no ensino de arte tecnologias digitais na educaÃÃo ensino de arte artes teaching of art digital technologies in education computer and internet in the teaching of art

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