Digital Approach for Measuring Tree Diameters in the Amazon Forest


Floresta Ambient.




ABSTRACT Buttresses and other natural structures modify the shape of stems in Amazonia and change the diameter at breast height (DBH) measured at 1.3 m at ground level. The lack of adequate measurement techniques affects negatively forest dynamics analyses and biomass estimating. The study evaluated an indirect method of measuring diameters in trees with DBH > 40 cm using principles of digital photogrammetry. The results obtained with two cameras (smartphone and Sony) were compared with direct measurements using diametric tape and a ladder. The technique is adequate to measure the diameters of trees with measurement point above 2 m of ground, with a confidence interval of ±1cm. The use of photogrammetry as a supplementary tool to the diametric tape (IC ± 0.24 cm) is recommended, helping to measure trees with diameter above the reach of the technician in forest inventories.

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