Differential Effects of Sucrose, Abscisic Acid, and Benzyladenine on Shoot Growth and Callus Formation in the Abscission Zone of Excised Citrus Buds 1


The omission of sucrose from the basal medium stimulated callus formation in bud explants of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck. Moreover, it increased the abscisic acid-induced callus proliferation reported earlier in the presence of 5% sucrose (Altman and Goren, Physiol. Plant. 32: 55, 1974). The inhibition of callus formation by the addition of sucrose was not due to the high osmotic potential of the medium. Benzyladenine induced callus formation slightly, in all sucrose concentrations up to 5%. The high level of sucrose was required, however, for the growth of shoots from buds cultured on both basal and benzyladenine-containing media.

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