Diferencial de salários e produtividade no setor de serviços brasileiro




This paper provides new information about inter-industry wage di§erentials in Brazil. Using data from the National Survey Sample of Households, we can see that from 1983 to 1995 the relative average wage of the service sector compared to the goods sector decreased, whereas from 1995 to 2007 it increased at a higher level than the previous decrease. After controlling for a variety of work characteristics, we can still see the positive evolution of rel- ative ages in the service sector. We conclude that this development has some explanations: the period of economic growth and stabilization that started after 1994 generated a positive income e§ect, and the service sector beneÖted more from it. Also, the structural transfor- mation that the developed countries already went through still hasn¥t Önished in Brazil. That probably helped improving relative wages in the service sector and it¥s expected the continuation of this process, so as the structural transformation evolves inter-industry wage di§erentials will converge.


desenvolvimento crescimento produtividade setor de serviços productivity service sector growth development serviços (economia) produtividade do trabalho salários

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