Dieta de espécies de Anostomidae (Teleostei, Characiformes) na área de influência do reservatório de Manso, Mato Grosso, Brasil


Iheringia. Série Zoologia




The diet of four species of Anostomidae (Leporinus friderici Bloch, 1794, L. striatus Kner, 1858, L. elongatus Valenciennes, 1849 and Leporinus sp.) were investigated in the Manso Reservoir, Mato Grosso State, Brazil. Fish were sampled in three sites: upriver, in the main body of the reservoir, and below the dam. Were analized 276 stomachs. The diet was evaluated using the frequency of ocorrence and volumetric methods. Leporinus friderici showed tendency to herbivory, mainly in the upriver site. In the reservoir and below the dam, it consumed large quantities of fish; Isoptera only in the reservoir. Leporinus striatus and L. elongatus have similar diets, consuming Chironomidae larvae (Diptera), whereas Leporinus sp. was more generalist, feeding similar proportions of vegetable, detritus and insect (Chironomidae and Ephemeroptera). The mouths of the species have different positions: terminal in L. friderici, subterminal in L. elongatus and intermediate in L. striatus and Leporinus sp. The diet overlap values were low, except for L. friderici and Leporinus sp. (0.7) in the upriver, and L. striatus and L. elongatus (0.6) below the dam.

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