Diagnóstico socioambiental e identificação dos impactos ambientais ao longo do Rio Araçagi-PB / Diagnóstico socioambiental e identificação dos impactos ambientais ao longo do Rio Araçagi-PB




This work was carried out environmental diagnosis of the River Araçagi, located in the state of Paraíba, inserted in the river basin Mamanguape, with a view to assessing the environmental aspects surrounding the river and identify the economic activities developed along its main course, its effects on the economic life of various communities and the environmental impacts of the economic exploitation of the river. The overall objective was to analyze the use of river water and coastal lands and socioeconomic factors related directly to the use of the river Araçagi. The environmental impacts of economic enterprises and the presence of human settlements were also addressed the guise of environmental sustainability. The issue of use of rivers by humans is increasingly evident, and the Araçagi framed with this in mind for its environmental aspects and the importance it represents along your route for human supply and the realization of some agro-industrial activities. In this perspective, we collected water samples for laboratory analysis and conducted a study that considers the human occupation of the banks and the environmental impacts resulting from that occupation. It resorted to direct observation and empirical research. The category territory guided the research. The theoretical basis built with bibliographical studies of geographic scope, with the help of human sciences and studies focused on river basins in Brazil and Paraíba. It was also built geographical assessment of epistemological, the important theoretical basis for this study. The empirical research made possible greater recognition of the study area. We studied the territory concerned with field research carried out by foot, bicycle, motorcycle and car, defining urban and rural parts. Documents and data from public and private were accessed. We also appropriated some interviews, photographic records and geo-referenced points, computing resources and annotations for configuration data and physical structure of the work. The research showed that the river is vital for some local economic activities such as livestock, agriculture, red ceramic industry and construction, as well as human consumption. But its environmental status is significantly deteriorated in the face of these activities, which requires urgent repair work and maintenance. It was also concluded that much of the riverside population can not identify environmental impacts in the work he performs and recommends the construction and implementation of environmental education projects for the communities studied in the course of the river Araçagi.


environment environmental diagnosis diagnóstico socioambiental bacia hidrográfica meio ambiente watershed geociencias

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