Devir apoiador : uma cartografia da função apoio / Become a supporter : a cartography function support




This research started from the activities of institutional support pel accomplished researcher and colleagues in the city of Vitoria, in the period between November 2007 and February 2010. The purpose of this research is to explore and map the experience of the function support more widespread in their arrangements (institutional support, management support and support matrix) and contribute to the formulation of projects for freedom and democracy under construction in the area of public policy health. The support, taken as a function, proposed in concrete ways that arise from individuals with different desires and interests, with the mission to activate objects of more collective investment schemes and support these individuals to expand their capacity for questioning, inventing problems, interference with other subjects and transform the world and of itself implies a political task and clinic. Mapping of some modes of transmission and function support support in building projects for the reorganization of work processes, the production of health and autonomy and the activation of networks of knowledge and skills, contributing to the formation of a truly democratic system. An ethos established in an attempt to influence the subjective process and avoid personalizing the conflict of identity. Produce some methodological indications of support and some forms to register with the institutional processes in the health sector and organizations in the areas of Management and Public Health. The narrative text composed tries to express this meeting contact the memory intensive. It is a mapping, mediated by the researcher, the affections and movements caused by the encounters. The exposure of the researcher himself, crossed all the time for collective forces, seeking to express and say something on the order of the impersonal, which is immanent to a plane of consistency of reality, striving to stop seeing and judging only from the representation and a place of trial. The final challenge of this text appears in the effort to make it an agency that, far from indicating a blockage, this looking for other maps made by others


democracia cartografia humanização na saude health management health and work democracy gestão em saúde saúde e trabalho cartography health humanization

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