Development of an information system for hospital cancer registry / Desenvolvimento de sistema de informações para registro hospitalar de câncer




Possibly as a reflection of the cancer incidence increase in Brazil, a high proportion of patients are discharged from the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo with the diagnosis of cancer. For this reason, the development of a system of information became critical in order to collect and analyse the amount of data stored by Cancer Registry at HCFMUSP. In this study, we first evaluated the needs of the cancer registry personnel and developed an software to support these needs as a complement of the active program in use. This instrument should be used alone if necessary. All processes were re-evaluated and taking into account. This study encloses the cycle of life of a system, since diagnosis of the environment, development of the projects logical and physical, programs e implantation. Although still being tested, the release of some small surveys shows its funcionality.


neoplasias software computer systems desenvolvimento de programas software diseases registries neoplasms registro de doenças sistemas de computação program development

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