Development and validation of attitudes measurement scales: fundamental and practical aspects


RAUSP Manag. J.




Abstract Purpose This paper aims to present the fundamental aspects for the development and validation (D&V) of attitudes’ measurement scale, as well as its practical aspects that are not deeply explored in books and manuals. These aspects are the results of a long experience of the authors and arduous learning with errors and mistakes. Design/methodology/approach The nature of this paper is methodological and can be very useful for an initial reading on the theme that it rests. This paper presents four D&V stages: literature review or interviews with experts; theoretical or face validation; semantic validation or validation with possible respondents; and statistical validation. Findings This is a methodological paper, and its main finding is the usefulness for researchers. Research limitations/implications The main implication of this paper is to support researchers on the process of D&V of measurement scales. Practical implications Became a step-by-step guide to researchers on the D&V of measurement scales. Social implications Support researchers on their data collection and analysis. Originality/value This is a practical guide, with tips from seasoned scholars to help researchers on the D&V of measurement scales.

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