Determinación de la tenacidad a la fractura J en laminados fibra-metal del tipo CARALL con láminas de aluminio 6061 y 1050


Matéria (Rio J.)




ABSTRACT Determination of fracture toughness in hybrid composites, fiber-metal laminates, FML (Fiber Metal Laminates) is very important to perform an analysis of structural integrity to estimate damage tolerance and residual strength of the material against the propagation of a crack This evaluation should be done in both naval and aircraft structures using FML CARALL compounds (CArbon Reinforced Aluminum Laminates) type. In this work, the experimental determination of fracture toughness is presented in terms of the parameter J using compact specimens C (T) on the laminated composite with foils of 6061-O in one case and 1050 on the other one and carbon fibers NCT- 301 embedded in epoxy resin for both materials. The results indicate that the adaptation of the elasto-plastic fracture toughness techniques are acceptable to for determining J toughness on CARALL type compounds [3-4]. A comparative analysis among the two type of composite materials reveals the differences in the response to crack propagation.

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