Determinação da relação água/cimento utilizando microondas




The relation between water and cement present in the fresh concrete is determinant for the concrete to reach the desired requirements of development: a concrete that would uphold its characteristics, especially mechanical ones during its useful life. Research work indicates that a suitable method for determining this relation is through the heating produced by the penetration of high frequency eletromagnetic waves, the microwaves. Added to this is the energy source utilized and the least equivalent amount of energy consumption that contributes for the self sustainable development. Visualizing the possibilities of having a quick and cheap method for technological control of the concrete, this work evaluates the possibilities of determining the water/cement relation in the cool state through the variation in the weight of the sample before and after hardening of the concrete in the microwave oven. A domestic microwave was used with incubation times of 0 to 1800 and 3600 seconds and factors of water/cement with a 0,4 to 0,9 variation. The influence of aggregates and types of cement were studied. These indicated that it is possible to determine in a proper manner the water/cement relation of concrete using the heating produced by the penetration of high frequency eletromagnetic waves.


cimento portland teses. concreto teses. engenharia de estruturas teses. resistência de materiais teses.

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