Desenvolvimento profissional de professores de História: estudo de caso de um grupo colaborativo mediado pelas tecnologias de informação e comunicação aplicadas à educação


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Several studies have emphasized the potential of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Education (TICE) in initial and continuing training. It is clear, however; still remain unexplored approaches which deal with collaboration and professional development of teachers. In the specific case of a professor of history, these surveys are almost nonexistent. This research, a qualitative, aims to answer the following question guideline: as participation in a collaborative working group, whose focus is TICE, can contribute to the professional development of teachers of History Municipal School of Belo Horizonte (RME/BH)? To answer it, a group was formed collaborative work involving, besides the researcher, history teachers in a public school education in the State of Minas Gerais - RME-BH, which had in common the desire to use the TICE in their teaching practice. The research objectives were to describe and analyze the process of creating and developing this group and to investigate how participation in the collaborative group and the contact with TICE contributed to the professional development of teachers. A qualitative analysis was drawn from the testimony (verbal, written, and presence in the digital environment) of the participants. Data were collected by means of recording and transcription of group meetings, the use of questionnaires, and compilation of data inherent in digital interaction (E-group, Webquest and Blogs). Data analysis reveals that participation in the collaborative group and the contact with TICE effectively contributed to the professional development of teachers of history. Some elements that were present with greater or lesser strength in each movement of consolidation of the group were shown to be essential for the changes observed in the group could occur. In our view, these elements were: the experience of activities in the computer lab, the motivation to understand the possibilities of the use of TICE in History Education, the very innovative subject, the story of the experiences shared by the group, reflection on practice teaching and a climate of affection. Future investigations may explore in more depth: to investigate the creation and consolidation of a social network of history teachers of RME / BH mediated TICE; investigate the potential construction of narratives by teachers and their reading, analysis and discussion at training contexts continuous; investigate ways to operationalize the dimensions that comprise the concept of professional development and to analyze the verbal interactions of teachers on the group s theory of Bakhtin. Together, teacher and researcher produced an environment conducive to the use of TICE in the professional development of all group participants. It was possible to evaluate the potential of collaborative work in the professional development of participating teachers.


educação teses. professores formação teses. historia estudo e ensino teses.

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