Desenvolvimento de um WebLab para experimentos remotos em fotônica integrado a um ambiente virtual de ensino-aprendizagem




The association of Web Technology with instrument automation and control by computer has made possible the development of the so called Remote Laboratories or WebLabs distributed environments that allow to access and control experiments remotely through the Internet. In this work, a WebLab was developed for the remote measurement of the attenuation coefficient in an optical fiber. The instrument control and the data acquisition are implemented through GPIB interfaces and the instrumentation program LabView. The remote control of the experiment is implemented by using a double Client/Server architecture. The WebLab was integrated to a virtual learning environment implemented with the software MOODLE, enabling its use in the context of on-line courses or in supporting activities in face-to-face courses, and will be connected to the KyaTera Network, allowing the remote experiment sharing with all participant laboratories and research groups.


laboratório remoto weblab engenharia eletrica remote laboratory photonics fotônica ambiente virtual de aprendizagem virtual learning environment weblab

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