Desenvolvimento de métodos cromatográficos hifenados (in-tube SPME/LC-FLD e GCxGC/qMS) para análises de fármacos e agrotóxicos em amostras complexas / Development of hyphenated chromatographic methods (in-tube SPME/LC-FLD and GCxGC/MS) for analysis of drugs and pesticides in complex samples.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Determination of trace levels of drugs in biological fluids and multiresidue (contaminants) in food samples is extremely important because this generates valuable data for therapeutic drug monitoring (individualization of dosage regimen) and quality control (food safety), respectively. Because of the demand for analytical methods with high resolution and low limits of quantification for analysis of complex samples, analytical chemistry has stimulated the development of innovative approaches, especially those aimed at developing or evaluating new analytical systems. In this context, in the first stage of this thesis the automated solid-phase microextraction capillary polypyrrole (in-tube \"PPY SPME) coupled to liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detection was developed (lab-made) for enantioselective determination of fluoxetine and its metabolite norfluoxetine in plasma samples for therapeutic drug monitoring. In the second stage of this work, the GC x GC / qMS method was developed for multiresidues analysis of pesticides in fresh tomatoes for the purpose of quality control. In the first stage of the research the gain in terms of the selectivity of the polypyrrole extraction phase in hyphenated and automated system for sample preparation and chromatographic separation (LC) with fluorimetric detection is worthy of note. As for the second step, the highlight is the improvement in chromatographic resolution as well as in the detectability system of the system consisting of two-dimensional gas chromatography and spectrometric detection with quadrupole analyzer. Analyses of plasma samples from patients undergoing therapy with fluoxetine and of samples of commercially available tomatoes proved the applicability of the proposed methods, which were optimized and validated at concentrations levels that include the therapeutic range for the analyzed drugs in plasma and the maximum residue limits of pesticides for growing tomatoes.


liquid chromatography cromatografia gasosa bidimensional abrangente plasma validação analítica tomatoes analytical validation. comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography cromatografia líquida fluoxetina fluoxetine in-tube spme in-tube spme pesticidas pesticides plasma tomate

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