Desenho e subversão: diálogos crítico/processuais




"DRAWING AND SUBVERSION: critical/process dialogues" is a investigation in visual poetics with the purpose of confronting drawings with the printed newspaper. This proposal describes and analyzes drawing practices that change the content on the sheets of a newspaper, emphasizing possible meanings from the artistic interference. The intention is to expose a body of work whose characteristic is a hybridism between drawing technical features and those which come from other forms of expression. We p r e s e n t q u e s t i o n s concerning the subversive nature of appropriation, the singularity of the gestural process of creation and installation possibilities that value the interaction between object/participant. We adopted the following as the structure process for this research: motivational factors related to urban contemporary motivation, technical and operational procedures assumed from the process of creation itself, theoretical references from Art History and from Philosophy and artistic references from which we sought to find formal connections and differences that relate to this artistic practice.


desenho contemporâneo mídia impressa apropriação subversão artes desenho artístico desenho-técnica jornalismo e arte contemporary drawing press media appropriation subversion

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