Desafios e perspectivas atuais na formação do professor de química: expectativas sobre o mestrado profissional em química em Rede Nacional (PROFQUI)


Quím. Nova




In Brazil, the continuing education of chemistry teachers has recently begun to form part of a broader public policy: the Professional Master Programs for the Qualification of Teachers of the Public Basic School (ProEB). The overall objective of these programs would be to contribute to the professional development by conducting qualified and current research that seeks to improve professional practices. Specifically, this article aims to present the perceptions of students and teachers in the initial phase of implementation of the Professional Master of Chemistry in National Network (PROFQUI). In this sense, the following are addressed: a) the aspects of teacher education in undergraduate chemistry courses; b) the continuing education of these teachers; c) the proposal of the professional masters, with special attention to PROFQUI; d) the initial data from a longitudinal survey involving 44 chemistry teachers and 27 university professors, collected from 6 higher education institutions participating in the PROFQUI. In short, it can be concluded that teachers of basic education seek from their professional development to improve the teaching of school chemistry. In this sense, such intended improvements are not only about scientific updating in chemistry, but also about didactic resources and possible practices and activities that contribute to their professional performance.

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