Densidade de células parietais e endócrinas da mucosa gástrica do corpo (oxíntica) de mulheres com e sem osteoporose primária




Introduction and objetctives: Osteoporosis is a result of progressive bone loss and affects 30% of postmenopausal women. A gastric factor that could influence calcium metabolism has been demonstrated by experimental studies. The objective of this study was avaliate the histopathological changes of gastric mucosa in postmenopausal women, through parietal and endocrine cell density, correlating them with bone mineral density. Patients and methods: Fifty postmenopausal women, mean age 61,7 ± 7 years, without hormonal replacement therapy were submmited to gastroduodenal endoscopy and bone densitometry by dual energy Xray absorciometry. Tissue samples were submmited to eosin-hematoxilin staining for histopathological study, Grimelius staining for endocrine cell and to immunhistochemistry with antiparietal cell monoclonal antibody. Helicobacter pylori infection was avaliated by histology, urease test and breath test with 13C. Results: In thirty-two (64%) patients the gastric mucosa showed signs of active chronic pangastritis, and in 20 (40%) of them, there signs of oxintic atrophy. The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection was 68% (34 patients). The prevalence of lumbar spine osteopenia and osteoporosis in this sample of patients was 42% (21 patients) and 36% (18 patients), respectively. The parietal cell density for patients with and without osteoporosis was 948 ± 188 and 804 ± 203, respectively (p=0,038). The endocrine cell density for patients with and without osteoporosis was 190 ± 101 e 173 ± 66, respectively (p=0,49). There was no correlation between Helicobacter pylori infection in women with and without osteoporosis. Conclusions: The results of the present study sugest that women with osteoporosis have a better preserved gastric mucosa than those with normal lumbar spine mineral density. There was no significant difference between endocrine cell density in oxintic mucosa, Helicobacter pylori infection and lumbar spine mineral density.


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