Democracia e política externa no Brasil : um estudo exploratório (1979-1992)




The thesis aims to provide a research conceptual and empirical - on the causal nexus between democratization process and Brazilian foreign policy from 1979 to 1992. The first assumption is that the political transition stimulates changes in foreign policy, in a democratic context. Thus, democracy presentation will be investigated through different sources: speeches and articles concerning Brazilian foreign policy at this period. The research respond to a three chapters structure, each one organized on thematic and chronological basis. The first chapter presents International Relations academy analysis, specially related to Brazilian foreign policy. The second focus on Brazilian presidents, external relations ministries and secretary-general to observe their reference to democracy. It will observed the linkage between democracy and foreign policy on three issues: development, representation and international credibility. May also be discussed Ministry of External Relations concern to preserve Brazilian foreign policy principles cohesion. And, finally, the third chapter follows discussions on three international themes from 1979 to 1992: environment, human rights and nuclear technology.


democracy democracia política externa brasileira relacoes i?internacionais, bilaterais e multilaterais regime político brazilian foreign policy political regime

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