Democracia e Direito à Comunicação: a relação entre os meios de comunicação e o exercício da democracia




The objective of this work is to demonstrate the relation between the medias and the democracy, in order to determine the power that the vehicles of communication, as for example, the radio and the press, exert on the democratic values. For in such a way, the study of the subject it considered the diverse basic legal concepts to the development of the subject, as the democracy, the crisis of the State and the power, the sovereignty, the dignity of the person human being and, especially, the right to the communication. Also, we investigate the historical evolution of the medias and the democracy, since the Antiquity until our days, for better understanding it diverse agreements on the democracy. It is verified that the medias has a deep connection with the democracy, on one hand contributing to strengthen and to keep the welfare state and the democratic State of right, and on the other hand, many times, serving as instruments of manipulation of particular interests and authoritarian regimes


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